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DatosTuristicos.com. Spain tourist info. Observation and Reporting. Statistical Analysis.
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DatosTuristicos.com is a website dedicated to providing services to Internet surveying and analysis established in Pla. Carvajales, 2. 18010 Granada (Spain).

Through this Disclaimer is intended to regulate access and use, and in general, the relationship between this Portal (Website) accessible on the Internet http://www.DatosTuristicos.com, and users of the WEBSITE (hereinafter users).

Liability for content hosted on our web servers accessible from this site

The public contents of the web pages that users access through the services of this website are not controlled by DatosTuristicos.com. So in no event be liable DatosTuristicos.com them.

DatosTuristicos.com excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may result from access to the content, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images available to users, or any content accessible through the website, which are contrary to law, morals, good faith and public order, violating intellectual property rights, industrial or contain any flaw, defect, computer virus or similar software routine.

At the time when DatosTuristicos.com becomes aware that any of the content on the WEBSITE were contrary to a law, morals, good faith and public order, proceed to remove and report the facts to the competent authority .

DatosTuristicos.com excludes any liability for damages of any nature arising from the acquisition and use by third parties.

DatosTuristicos.com not responsible for any improper use made of the services of this website is the sole responsibility of the person accessing or using them.

Liability for the operation of the Website

DatosTuristicos.com serves continuously, using all technical means available to it, to make such provision satisfactorily.

DatosTuristicos.com may, when it deems necessary, make corrections, improvements or modifications to the web pages contained on the website, in services, or content without this place, not entitled to any claim or compensation, nor implies recognition of liability.

DatosTuristicos.com not responsible for damages of any nature arising from the availability and technical continuity of operation of the Website. In any case, DatosTuristicos.com will perform all the necessary actions to restore services in case of technical failure.

DatosTuristicos.com not responsible for damages of any kind that may arise from the knowledge that third parties may gain unauthorized data users and their use of the website through this data.

No liability for the misuse of users' passwords

Users who show their surveys and analysis from this website are solely and exclusively responsible for their identification keys and access to services on the Website. This identification consists of secret code or password and user name.

DatosTuristicos.com not responsible for the misuse of passwords of users to access the services of the website and the consequences of any kind of misuse by the user, the loss or neglect, and abuse by unauthorized parties.

Obligations and restrictions of users using this Website

Users agree to use this website and its services in accordance with the law, morality and generally accepted good practices and public order.

Users must provide personal data at the time of registration, and that upon completion of the free trial periods will be necessary for billing by DatosTuristicos.com in the case of extension services.

The subcontracting or sublease to third parties for services and / or products offered on our website.

Intellectual Property of the website contents

The texts (information, ideas, opinions and the like) and graphic elements (design, logos, fonts and the like) that make up the website and spread through it, and its presentation and assembly, are the exclusive property of SAEA. ES or holds the rights to exploit these through agreements with third parties.

In this sense, it constitutes works protected by all the Spanish and EU regulations in the field of intellectual property, in accordance with Royal Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, approving the Consolidated Intellectual Property Law and the Law 5/1998 of 6 March, Spanish Transposition of Directive 96/9/EC on the Legal Protection of Databases, finding it also apply international treaties in this field .

DatosTuristicos.com not grant license or permit any of its rights of intellectual property or any other property or right related to the Website, unless expressly agreed with third parties.

Users can perform playback of the contents of the website with the sole purpose of your viewing or printing paper for personal use.

Apart from the above, prohibits any reproduction, distribution, processing, presentation, total or partial, of the contents of the Website or any of its elements, directly or indirectly through telecommunications networks or similar media, with a business purpose intended to public or for use beyond these, even quoting the source, provided that they have obtained the express written authorization of DatosTuristicos.com and if the third partner. Failure to comply with the above entitle DatosTuristicos.com to bring appropriate legal action.

Any rights not expressly granted are reserved to DatosTuristicos.com or possibly a third partner.

All trade names, trademarks or logos, logos, symbols, mixed marks, or registered figurative appearing on this Website belong to or have DatosTuristicos.com, with leave, the right to use them and are protected by law in force.

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