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Specific products for Financial Institutions

Presidency and
Management Areas
Specific products for Financial Institutions

Periodic Economic Information Services AD-HOC.

In support of the Presidency and address areas of Financial Institutions, we act as a provider of financial information services according to the needs in the face of decisions:
  • Development of boxes economic and financial indicators on a monthly basis and territories.
  • Quarterly Bulletin of Economic and Financial Analysis.
  • Articles or working paper on topics of interest or relevance.
  • Preparation of reports, conferences and interventions.
  • Acting as a data provider permanent as temporary needs, regional or sectoral. This information can be transferred to an online database with access restricted by levels of responsibility.
  • Development of economic and financial forecasts on the most important variables at the macroeconomic level, at the provincial, regional and national levels. The goal is to provide prospective information to decision-makers, both in the Presidency and DG, as GDP growth, consumption and investment, foreign trade, supply and demand indicators in economic sectors, financial system, price and wage , employment, public deficit and foreign investment, among others.

Image analysis and positioning.

The recent integration of different banking efforts in two directions, empowerment of the individual image of the Bank in its natural territory and enhancing the overall image of the Bank over other competitors. The consulting services we offer in this area are focused on knowledge of the following topics:
  • Monitoring through surveys, the impact of image and positioning actions undertaken by the Bank.
  • Degree of market penetration of the brand.
  • Rating citizens against other financial groups.
  • Analysis of strategic positioning in the Spanish financial system.

Strategic approach and evaluation of results.

It is increasingly necessary to make an assessment of the effectiveness that have various plans, policies and measures implemented to achieve one or more objectives in the general direction of the Bank. We offer support services to the area of ​​strategic planning in the following fields:
  • Design of indicators for monitoring and control of the operations covered by directors or strategic plans.
  • Monitoring of action plans, interference detection and correction procedures.
  • Assessment of compliance with responsible level objectives, identifying barriers or obstacles.
  • Implementation of the Logical Framework methodology (MML) in all strategic planning processes.

Prospective markets and competition.

In competitive environments is essential to know what strategies and actions being carried out competition, where markets are opening, which customer segments to conduct their trade policies, in which sectors are investing, the evolving competitive positioning, etc.. The consulting services we offer in this area are:
  • Quarterly report tracking strategic actions by competitors (external communication policies, product launches, opening to foreign investment expansion areas, image and social policy, etc.).
  • Analysis of potential markets in territories not covered.
  • Evolution of competitive positioning through the development of a synthetic indicator with quantitative and qualitative variables.

Business and
Investment Areas

Studies of potential and emerging sectors.

Banking activity, as was traditionally conceived, has changed substantially. Risk diversification by investing in emerging sectors with high development potential has been and is a common practice:
  • Prospective studies of diagnosis and emerging sectors in the territorial areas of business of the Bank.
  • Feasibility studies of venture capital firms and joint venture operations.
  • Studies of conversion and / or reinvention of sectors with development potential, with economic problems arising from the economic crisis.

Tracking products and services competition and evaluation success / failure.

The new map emerged after the current bank restructuring process, will bring an intensification of competition and the need to create more profitable products and services. For this it is essential to know what the competition is offering, the degree of success or failure for our products and the reasons therefor. We contribute to this goal with the following services:
  • Monthly / quarterly products and services developed by competition, with details of their financial characteristics, segments that are targeted, marketing methods, etc...
  • Customer surveys to identify the factors of success or failure of products launched by the Company.
  • Customer surveys of the Bank to test new products and services before launch.

Territorial expansion plans, prioritization of investments and feasibility of major projects.

As a consulting firm, we have made expansion plans and feasibility projects large investments of public or private promotion. We offer you the experience and knowledge:
  • Prospective studies of new markets, analyzing its characteristics and potential, niches not covered, degree of competition, complementarity with business policies, etc...
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of new investments, both in the territory covered today, as in the planned or potential.
  • Studies of economic and financial viability of major projects, driven by the public sector or the private sector.
  • Network support office for advice on the feasibility of business projects submitted for funding.

Customer Areas

Assessment and Monitoring of customer satisfaction.

The increased competition has led to the classic goal of customer satisfaction copper a decisive position. For this it is necessary to have information on the usefulness, quality assessment and granting the Bank's customers to its services, detecting also lack of new and improvement of existing ones:
  • Surveys of customer satisfaction, attendance and / or telephone, to report results segmented by user types, geographic areas and areas of focus.
  • Market research for the detection of new services not offered or improving existing ones.
  • Report on strategic recommendations and proposals for action to improve the current customer satisfaction.

Proposal for new products and services or improving existing ones.

The design of new products and services can be based on the offer made by competition on needs identified by customers or imagination and craftsmanship associated equipment to the area of ​​business entity:
  • Surveys needs survey customers about new products or services, with interviews in branches and / or telephone, to report results segmented by user types and geographical areas.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys contracted existing product, identifying weaknesses and proposed improvements for customers.
  • Report on assessment of services provided by customers, and compared with those offered by other financial institutions to the same customers.

Study for the loyalty and customer retention.

Knowledge of personal characteristics and customer needs is essential to make an adequate supply of products and services. No client is the same large capital or medium cities, linked to the tourist areas, agricultural or industrial, coastal or:
  • Customer segmentation studies and / or markets, using the customer file and other external data sources. This analysis is used to determine the profile of the customer of the Bank in each area, and offer customized products and services in each location or address area.
  • Customer Surveys characterization captured by competition in areas of interest, due to their economic potential or by an objective of expansion. This report would detail: personal characteristics, income, products purchased, satisfaction and loyalty with your bank, etc...

Areas of Social
Commitment / RSC

Reports and Publications prestige.

Over the years we have consolidated several prestigious multi Reports, which have allowed the participation of many researchers in the field of the University and the private sector as the Economic and Financial Report of Andalusia. In this sense, our extensive experience provides a guarantee of solvency to produce other reports or publications, focusing on its territorial scope, which contribute positively to their corporate image:
  • Annual Report on Economic Situation territories.
  • Sectoral annual reports (focusing on sectors or activities that have a greater presence in the fields of activity of financial institutions).
  • Quarterly newsletters economic analysis and forecasting.

Studies of major projects and events.

Our technical team has participated in most major events or investment projects carried out in Andalusia. Expo 92, the Córdoba-Málaga AVE, World Championship Alpine Skiing, the Science Park and Technology Park Health are examples of studies in this framework. The image and prestige gained in this field is found through the impact and spread with their studies in the media:
  • Quantifying the economic effects on activity, income and employment of large sports or cultural events.
  • Assessment of the future profitability of public investment or business projects.
  • Economic impact of image generated during the event.

Annual reports of corporate social responsibility.

On an annual basis are developed CSR reports that show a commitment to society and the environment of an entity. We offer our experience and knowledge to carry out these reports, proposing the following content structure:
  • Institution's organizational structure, mission, objectives, corporate social responsibility policy, interest groups, compliance system, values, commitment to society, etc..
  • Analysis of the main figures of income, expenses, investments and performance, human resources, banking financial indicators, market share, competitive positioning, audits, etc.. .
  • Diagnosis and strategic planning of the Company regarding corporate social responsibility policy today and tomorrow.


Throughout our journey, we have worked closely with many academic researchers who have helped develop pioneering projects and studies in the field of social sciences.
  • We have the technical and human resources to assist in public research projects, joining as a private partner, a trend increasingly valued for assessment bodies of the research quality of the university.
  • Our goal is to serve as a tool for research, strengthening alliances and agreements with prestigious universities nationally and internationally. In this sense, contribute decisively to strengthen its corporate image as an advocate and promoter of R+D+i.

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