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Surveying services for Visitors Control

Control visits

Simple, fast and economical

Our OnLine surveying systems allow you to make simple and comfortable control surveys visitors Information Points, Points of tourist interest, etc.

We simplify your work

No more paper surveys or wasted time tabulating the data. From any mobile device (Tablet, Smartphone, etc.). Surveying our systems with Multimedia Kiosks, visitors can answer their control forms quickly and enjoyable, and you have the results in real time.

Do you want to evaluate the customer experience?

To evaluate our systems of survey, complete our basic survey control (DEMO version) for Information Points. The survey will not be stored. This survey is for personal assessment of our services. All forms of survey are optimized according to the needs.

DEMO for Visitor Arrivals Registration

You can also view a DEMO in page

Multimedia program as

Our technical team is on hand to advise and guide you through our services in multimedia content creation for your business. Forms surveying, presentations, informational videos, etc.. Whatever your project, contact us.

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