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Services of surveying

Data capture

Methods of survey

To handle different surveying techniques depending on the work to be done. From a surveying staff at strategic points predetermined by our technicians, to telephone surveying. All data are filtered and analyzed before being part of a sample, discarding those having any misinformation.

Also, work with us a large team of interviewers, who are trained for each of the interviews to be undertaken, specializing in different types of fieldwork.

Collection and treatment of surveying

Currently, various methods used for the collection and processing of data. All forms are submitted by the interviewer, which verifies that the different sections is properly completed, then tabulated and filtered for possible errors before being incorporated into a final database where they will be analyzed.

Depending on the assiduous collecting a surveying data, alternative methods available to accelerate the process of filtering and data verification.

Sometimes it is the interviewer, who through an Internet connection to our offices, tabulates the information collected, obtaining an immediate validation of questionnaires and being available to technicians for further analysis.

At other times, and in line with new technologies, we have been using other collection and filtering faster and functional than those cited above. In this case, the surveying is not on paper but directly on computers as Pocket PC, Smartphone and Tablet computer with tools designed specifically for the job, to perform its tasks pollster maintaining immediate and independent tabulation of all data with corresponding filtering processes, verification and validation, all in real time, storing the data collected directly on our servers after each survey.

At present we have developed new methods of surveying, from companies and institutions provide the necessary forms and tools via the Internet to conduct their own surveys, surveying Multimedia Systems.


Multimedia survey services

This innovative surveying system we have developed does not require the physical presence of an interviewer. It is a touch screen console, similar in appearance to a Point of Information, which is located at strategic points of the path of visitors.

Using occupancy sensors incorporating the device, and multimedia programming we develop customized, called the attention of passersby who come to him, and in a pleasant, through videos, images and other multimedia elements, performs a survey preset almost as if it were a video game.

Through the Internet, data are collected and processed by our servers in real time and are immediately available to the customer or for study. The device is particularly suitable to be performed unattended polls, quality and value.


Libraries of information

In addition to their own databases and creation of new indicators for sectoral or territorial specific analysis, we have at our disposal a vast library of computerized databases from other agencies and entities (INE, IEA, etc..) Are kept updated on a periodically. These external databases are collected via the Internet or requested of the various entities that have been made.

All this information, together with other documents and publications of consultation, professional make possible our research work in improving the socio-economic knowledge.

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