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Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

Personal privacy policy

In order to facilitate a rapid and effective development of the relationship with our customers, we guarantee by this notice, the privacy of on-line services in accordance with legal requirements and inform about our policy of protection of personal data for that users can freely and voluntarily whether they wish providing personal data through the electronic form to the services offered on our website.

Users consent to the processing of such personal data on our computer services under the terms of this Privacy Policy on Personal Data.

Confidentiality in the automated processing of personal data of users

We guarantee the confidentiality of personal data provided by users and automated processing according to the legislation on protection of personal data (Law 15/99 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11 June, approving the Regulation of security measures for automated files containing personal data, and any regulations applicable to this matter).

We have adopted the security levels of data protection required by law, and we have installed all the technical means and measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data. Personal data collected will be processed automatically and immediately incorporated into the relevant files.

We provide users with adequate technical resources so that, prior to the delivery of personal data, they can access this notice Privacy Policy Personal Data or any other relevant information and give their consent to we can proceed to automatic processing of personal data of users.

We reserve the right to amend this policy to adapt to new demands or legislative and case law and industry practice, always taking into account the legitimate interests of the consumer or user.

Purpose of the collection and processing of personal data

The collection and processing of personal data as a result of browsing websites in our service delivery, aims to improve management and services and billing.

It also aims at the quantitative and qualitative study of the views and the use of services by users, the design of new services related to our own services and updates, and sending by traditional and electronic information technical, operational, and those related to the specific parameters selected by the user and offered by us.

We will not use personal data of users for purposes other than those noted above, unless prior notice is given on the website and allowing a reasonable time for the opposition to this user.

Users' rights regarding their personal data

Users have and may exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to the processing, use and transfer of your data in a communication addressed to DatosTuristicos.com, to mail@datosturisticos.com.es email or by post DatosTuristicos.com targets, Pla. Carvajales, 2-18010 Granada.

The user exercises his right to be informed about the purposes for authorizing the use of their data.

Transfer of personal data of users to third

No transfer the personal data of the users that are collected through our website to third parties without the user's express consent. This previously offer the user the ability to accept or reject this assignment.

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