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Specific products for Universities

Collaboration with
Research Groups
Collaboration with Research Groups

Information Services and Economic Analysis.

We act as a service provider of financial information and analysis, according to the needs of the research groups. For each project, we will design a work plan tailored to the stage that divides the research.
  • Creating databases of economic and financial indicators, according to temporary needs, regional or sectoral.
  • Collaborative writing articles or working paper on the subject under investigation.
  • Collaboration with the research group in the preparation of reports, conferences and interventions for further dissemination of the project.
  • Services specialized economic and financial analysis, complementing the research group in drafting projects.

Emerging Sectors Research and Potential.

Risk diversification by investing in emerging sectors with high growth potential, and the discovery of new sources of employment are common practices today to promote new avenues of growth. We have extensive experience in the analysis and detection of new sectors, having studied in the areas of renewable energy, life sciences and health, tourism emerging integrated water cycle, ICT, among others.
  • Diagnosis and prospects of emerging sectors in specific territorial areas.
  • Plans viability of venture capital firms and joint venture operations.
  • Studies of conversion and / or reinvention of sectors with development potential, but with economic problems arising from the economic crisis.


Our technical team has extensive experience in the study of the external sector of the regional economy, being the repository of the trust of the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda) on numerous occasions. Our collaboration with research groups can be designed to achieve the following work:
  • Identification of barriers to internationalization of companies to territories or areas.
  • Quantifying the economic impact of globalization on the corporate sector.
  • Ex-post evaluation of plans, policies and measures to promote foreign trade.
  • Development of databases or directories of exporters.

Strategic Approach and Performance Evaluation.

For those research projects that require a strategic plan to make future or past performance evaluation by Ex-post analysis, we offer the following services:
  • Design of indicators for monitoring and control of the operations covered by directors or strategic plans.
  • Monitoring of action plans, interference detection and correction procedures.
  • Assessment of compliance with responsible level objectives, identifying barriers or obstacles.
  • Implementation of the Logical Framework methodology (MML) in all strategic planning processes.

Investment Plans and Feasibility of Business Projects.

As specialized consultants, we have done for various clients, expansion plans and feasibility projects to promote business investment public or private. These consulting services in this area are that:
  • Studies of economic and financial feasibility of business projects, driven by the public sector or the private sector.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of new investments, both in the territory covered today, as in the planned or potential.
  • Prospective new markets, analyzing its characteristics and potential, niches not covered, degree of competition, complementarity with the bank's business policy, etc.

Economic Impact Studies Major Investment.

Our technical team has participated in most major events or investment projects carried out in Andalusia. Expo 92, the Córdoba-Málaga AVE, World Championship Alpine Skiing, the Science Park and Technology Park Health are examples of studies developed within this framework. The image and prestige gained in these years, we can see through the impact and spread with their studies in the media.
  • Quantifying the economic effects on activity, income and employment of capital investment projects, public or private.
  • Assessment of the future profitability of business projects.
  • Economic impact generated image or expected as a result of hosting major events.


Support for the implementation of Field Investigations.

We believe that the purpose of any field research is to obtain the information necessary to comply with the project objectives. For this reason, one of the key elements to the commencement of any market research is a good definition of the objectives of the investigation and in connection therewith the selection of appropriate methods and techniques to achieve them and research phase where the project is.

We provide a powerful network universities field nationwide, rooms for conducting group dynamics and a CATI for telephone interviews.

This method of working ensures the contracting entity, the full availability mechanisms for controlling the work, ensuring compliance with deadlines, budgets and objectives.

Establish control studies, conducting follow-up meetings and technical reviews of compliance assessment and validation objectives of the activities.

  • Recruitment and interviewers filter.
  • Training of interviewers.
  • Monitoring field.
  • Briefing.
  • Quality control and subsequent checks.

Analysis of Data

Collaboration in the statistical analysis of data.

The qualitative data analysis, even in its quantitative sense, must have a difference of reading we do for any other need, scientific methodology, therefore, must be premised its systematization, objectivity, and replicability therefore, validity and reliability.

In this sense, the program Atlas.ti qualitative data analysis allows to develop a system of categories that work like testable hypotheses based on their appearance in each paragraph with a quote or content and meaning. The work consists of the decomposition of the document analysis units that are assigned to codes that are related to each other after creating what I call top-level categories, which, in turn, will be reclassified in relation to sub- , subtopics or categories of second level and third level.

The system also allows the analysis processing unit in recording units that allow the description for subsequent examination and quantification thereof. The code set and inquiries are exportable to quantitative analysis programs such as SPSS information, SAT or STATISTICA.

This type of analysis is focused on the generation of hypotheses and nature of work on the themes and main actors. What matters is the association (implicit in the message and contingency analysis allows explicit) between keywords or any unit of analysis.

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