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Specific products for the Tourism Sector

Consultancy services
in areas of tourism
Consultancy services in areas of tourism

Evaluation studies of plans, policies or tourism promotion campaigns.

It is increasingly necessary to make an assessment of the effectiveness that have various plans, policies and measures implemented to achieve one or more objectives in the tourism sector. The methodology applied for an ex-post assessment of any kind of action includes the following techniques:
  • Logical Framework Methodology (MML).
  • Polls and tourism demand.
  • Interviews and focus groups qualified experts and professionals.
  • Input-output methodology for calculating economic impacts.

Studies for the enhancement and creation of new destinations of travel partners.

The high competition with other tourist destinations in the traditional segments in diversification of the offer as an opportunity, for the definition of supply by creating new products and services associated with endogenous resources (thermal tourism, wine, science, etc.).
  • Comparative analysis of tourist development indicators consolidated with other destinations.
  • Inventory of resources and investment needs for adaptation and enhancement.
  • Surveys of tourism demand.
  • Interviews and focus groups with experts and professionals.
  • SWOT Analysis - Strategic Planning.

Provision of consultancy services for the creation of product clubs.

Advisory Councils and business groups to create products based on experience, with high customer value, focusing on the characteristics and potential of the destination.
  • Constitution group of associates.
  • Sector communication campaign and creation of the network of public - private.
  • Analysis of positive experiences (Bench marking)
  • Development of tourist packages.
  • Development of marketing strategies.
  • Training entrepreneurs.
  • Production of newsletters and communications.

Continuing Studies at the provincial tourism sector.

The generation, collection and analysis of statistical information from primary and secondary sources to obtain a profile of demand for tourist areas and segments.
  • Influx sights (telephone survey).
  • Continuous Survey Provincial Tourism Observatories.
  • Generating database associated to the development of marketing strategies - mail.
  • Demand. Polls in lodging the National Statistics Institute.
  • Hotel supply (RTA).
  • Tourist Profile and assessments (Survey of Andalusia Tourism Situation).
  • Industry trend reports.

Design and maintenance of a Web page with the provincial tourist information.

The relevant provision of tourist information is a particularly appropriate when decisions must be made involving the consumption of public resources. The provincial employer who acts in different institutions of cultural and monumental and ongoing challenges facing tourism development can have a flexible and economically adapted to your specific information. To do this, we collect and analyze the evolution of the main parameters.
  • Design on-line questionnaires and tabulation experts and entrepreneurs.
  • Tourism news channel.
  • Information flow to different tourist spots.
  • Analysis of the behavior profile and demand.
  • Exhibition results through interactive maps and graphs.
  • Space shuttle main tourism blogs.

Study analysis and forward demand in source markets.

Improved knowledge of the tourism industry in different markets for the design of products and services, improved promotion and marketing.
  • Analysis of tourism demand surveys applying market segmentation techniques, correlation analysis and factor analysis.

Analysis of non-visitors.

Deeper into the study of the reasons for not visiting the province, we analyze the characteristics of substitute destinations and detect critical points and deficiencies in the positioning and image of destination.
  • Online Studies.
  • Telephone surveys.

Analysis of information content in the Web 2.0.

We analyze and control the information from different web 2.0 tools., Such as social networks, blogs and other elements that are issued opinions and comments about travel destinations. We developed the information using the data processing program atlas'ti.
  • Division and coding analysis units (subjects or topics, geographic scope, actors, and actions or sub-stance with respect to the action or subtopic in the sense of disapproval or conversely positive treatment of the same.
  • Exporting consultation codes and programs for quantitative analysis of information such as SPSS, STATISTICA SAT or to establish the relative importance and scope of opinions.

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