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Studies eligible

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Studies eligible

Development Strategic Plans.

Such studies aim to identify the developing of municipalities or counties, according to a previous diagnosis of their situation and the potential existing in the territory. The Strategic Plan of the consensus among economic and social actors involved in development, so their development will involve institutional, business, social and civic municipality. In brief, the proposed study includes the following phases:
  • Diagnostic Phase: Consisting of a socio-economic analysis of the territory with secondary sources and the incorporation of the proposals made by the local development agents and citizens through open meetings and workshops. This phase ends with the development of a SWOT matrix (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities).
  • Planning Phase: In which our technical team designs and specific objectives, strategies, measures and actions most appropriate to the territory under study, according to the information gathered in the assessment phase.
  • Stage Talk: The proposed Strategic Plan consensual with the social and economic, incorporating their input to shape the final document.

Development Plans and Local Productive Sectors of Tourism.

With this type of study is to give a boost to those productive sectors with greater presence in the territorial focus of attention, allowing a reactivation of the business, the reorientation of uncompetitive activities, internationalization processes, attracting investment, tourism , etc. The essential elements of this type of study are:
  • Sector Diagnosis, performing a comparative analysis of their situation, recent developments and future prospects in relation to other similar geographic areas. This work includes interviews with company managers.
  • Benchmarking Analysis, consisting of a comparative evaluation of the products, services and work processes performed in the companies present in the study area, with the best practices developed in other companies, to get companies to apply in the area.
  • Strategic design, which will define strategies and actions aimed at ensuring greater future development of the sector under study.

Diagnosis and Innovation Plan Local Trade.

This study consists of two parts: the first, would be directed to the knowledge of the current state of trade in the town, through field research, concluding in a sector diagnosis. The second part, pursues the development of a plan of competitiveness and innovation, to improve the situation of local commerce, introducing changes in the marketing strategy, strengthening the partnerships between business, shopping and managing common services, etc.. The work will involve:
  • Market research, classroom surveys to businesses and consumers, to know, first, the strengths and weaknesses of the commercial and, secondly, the assessment and demand satisfaction and its proposals to improve and enhance trade.
  • Report overall results and areas within the municipality.
  • Creating forums and working groups, in which traders are integrated in order to propose joint solutions and consensus.
  • Competitiveness and Innovation Plan, contemplating strategic recommendations, measures and policies for future action agreed with traders.


This work would aim to create a catalog or guide companies in a territory, allowing the establishment of trade relations between companies, collaboration in joint projects, finding new customers and / or suppliers, at the same time would enable a channel possible promotion and marketing online products and services offered by the companies listed. The orientation should guide ICT as they settle through a Web platform, constantly updated. The Web Platform contains:
  • A database of companies, organized by industry and area. For each record company, will open an individual file, with contact information for the company (address, phone, website, email, location on map) and socioeconomic data (Sector or activity, products and services offered, employees, billing average).
  • Forum trade relations, where supply and demand will turn employment, business opportunities, proposals for partnerships between business, etc.
  • Virtual Store, where interested companies could sell their products or services, highlighting their offerings and promotions, or the ability to offer product packs business partnerships.

Identifying barriers to entrepreneurship and development opportunities at the local level.

The objective of these studies is to identify the factors or barriers there a higher rate of entrepreneurs in certain municipalities or counties, with the aim to propose solutions. At the same time, an analysis of the opportunities for entrepreneurship that exist in each area, to encourage entrepreneurship. This type of study addresses the following contents:
  • Field research, consisting of a survey or in organizing focus groups and workshops, aimed at people who have expressed interest in starting a business (going, for example, informed business promotion centers and employment local). The aim is to identify existing barriers to entrepreneurship in the area and propose solutions.
  • Analysis of development opportunities, consisting of an area's socioeconomic report, identifying more productive activities with future potential.
  • Proposals to promote the venture, which will propose measures to overcome the barriers identified in the area and take advantage of opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Design and maintenance of web pages with local tourist information.

Promoting tourism in an area used, increasingly, the potential of ICTs and social networks to make and sell the destination to attract visitors and businesses. Our experience of over ten years in Tourist Observatories and studies new forms of tourism, can provide a deep knowledge of the sector. The work to be performed include:
  • Compilation and comparative analysis of the evolution of the main parameters of the municipality and tourist area tourist influence (internal report to the contracting entity).
  • Design and maintenance of a website, which includes information on resources and tourism, statistics and analysis of the tourism industry in the area, local news channel and forum tourism business and citizen participation.

Land Development Projects Industrial and Business Parks.

The studies included within this category are intended primarily to determine the economic feasibility of implementing local industrial spaces, analyzing territorial and urban development, demand an investigation and a plan for implementing the proposed action. The content of the work in this field are:
  • Study of demand for industrial land, in order to determine who would accept the creation of an industrial space in the city, either through domestic demand from local companies or through external demand. It will also identify the sectors or productive activities with greater demand, and the requirements of equipment and services, with the aim of guiding the subsequent promotion of soil.
  • Territorial and urban analysis, including a study of the geophysical conditions and infrastructure, a study of urban conditions and a quantification of the investments required for its implementation.
  • Implementation plan of action, defining phases to follow for successful marketing of industrial land and attracting private investment.

Technical Seminars for Local Economic Development.

This facility is a need to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of local economic development, in order to stimulate business creation. The objective is to organize working sessions aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians, associations, or other social agents, that result in a use of knowledge and establish business links between participants, in order to generate business and attract investment in the area. The organization of this type of technical sessions would be conducted through the following actions:
  • Organisation of conferences and professional meetings.
  • Constitution Economic Monitoring Boards.
  • Sectoral sessions.
  • Exchange of experiences with experts and entrepreneurs from other areas.

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