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Specific products for Nature Parks

Specific products for Nature Parks

Socioeconomic Indicators Systems

Protected natural areas are an environment to be reconciled the activities of socio-economic man, with environmental conservation, so that the entire set of actions developed within it are sustainable from the point of view environment. Moreover, even if protected areas that limit the performance of certain economic activities, their contribution to the economic development of the population living in them has been empirically demonstrated in several recent studies.

Our work involves the construction of a system of indicators that can measure the socioeconomic evolution of Natural Park, comparing with other protected natural areas, or other mountain areas not covered by protective figures. The proposed system of indicators covering the main areas of economic assessment:
  • Income.
  • Demographic Dynamism.
  • Employment.
  • Economic activity.
  • Tourism.
  • Population survey.
  • Survey of employers.
  • Survey tourists.


Observatories of Tourism and Sustainable Development in Nature and National Parks.

This project aims to track the tourism, which represents a major source of economic activity developed in this environment. This will provide a useful tool for both public planners, as for entrepreneurs. Useful for public planners and managers in the area.
  • Analysis of trends and developments in the tourism sector.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of promotional activities.
  • Monitoring of tourism and its ability to create wealth in the Park.
  • Instrument to track trends and decision making.
  • Investment Appraisal for local business and new projects.
  • Forum for exchange of experiences public-private.

Structure Observatory contents

Analysis of tourism demand.

This information will be accessed in a better position to set tourism demand, as a special section will be devoted to investigate the profile of visitors accessing unregulated establishments.
  • With secondary sources: Monthly statistics on the evolution of passenger arrivals and overnight stays at the Park environment and occupancy, average stay and staff employed in the tourism sector. The statistics used in this case, specific holdings come from this area of ​​data obtained by the INE.
  • With surveying: Information related to the channels through which the tourist destination is known, set up your visit, the way how to develop it, who comes, the activities, and the average expenditure breakdown by item, detail purchases made during your visit, the assessment of fate, the origin of the visitor, the type of accommodation, length of stay, among other issues.

Analysis of tourism.

It will monitor the supply in tourist accommodation and tourism businesses located in the municipalities that make up the park, looking plazas, openings, type of accommodation and type of business. In this case we used official information sources, as well as our tourism databases available, the result of over 10 years performing Tourist Observatories. For unregulated supply, the information obtained will be used fieldwork to demand.

Developing Business Forums

Creating regular fora through which channels defined public-private interaction, with the goal of generating business meetings and encourage partnerships in companies directly or indirectly related to tourism.

Creating a Web Platform.

The observatory will be equipped with a web platform will turn on the statistical data and analysis generated during processing, creating a fast query mechanism and personalized for entrepreneurs and managers.

Socioeconomic Impact

Socioeconomic Impact Performance of Protected Natural Area.

Studies to determine the social and economic impact with the National Parks and Natural protected territory, yield very positive results and revealing conclusions. Allow Studies also create a methodology for measuring the impact generated by protected natural areas in the income of the population, in the business and employment, has been transferred and used in other subsequent investigations.

The update of studies to check if the economic activities in the Park have been able to withstand a greater extent, the virulence of the crisis, and if there is more job security than in other similar areas unprotected. Also, would inquire about new business activities arising in the Park, and the causes which led to the decline and / or disappearance of other activities during periods of crisis.

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