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DatosTuristicos.com. Spain tourist info. Observation and Reporting. Statistical Analysis.
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Services for Tourism Observatory Development

TIP Polls
Surveying systems for personal in Tourist Interest Points and Tourist Information Points
TIP autonomous surveying
Surveying systems without intervention points of tourist interest by monitoring shifts
PM Polls
Systems by Probabilistic Sampling surveying
At present, we have developed new systems of survey to provide companies and institutions in the forms and tools so that they themselves can make your own poll on the Internet, using its own staff, by simply connecting to our servers service surveying.
This innovative surveying system that we have developed does not require the physical presence of an interviewer. It is a touch screen console, similar to a Point of Information, which is located in strategic locations of visitors travel or used as dispenser prior to receiving attention from informants TIP aspect shifts.
According to new technologies, we offer our surveying for probabilistic sampling on mobile devices like Tablets and Smartphones, to perform their duties pollsters maintaining immediate tabulation of the data, filtering processes, verification and validation online, storing all information on our servers after each survey.
Devices This product is available to any computing device with a web browser and Internet connection such as desktop computers, tablets, laptops, etc.
Conection Ethernet, WIFI and 3G.
Access Infomante own pollster or TIP.
Location Offices and enclosures.
Devices This product is exclusive to our multimedia terminals, because other terminals that lack Marketplace issuing tickets from the web browser and proximity sensors.
Conection Ethernet, WIFI and 3G.
Access Authenticated access without interviewer intervention.
Location Offices and enclosures.
Devices Exclusively for mobile devices with web browsing software and Internet access as: Smartphones, Tablets, Pocket PC, etc.
Conection WIFI and 3G.
Access Own pollster, TIP informant or outsourcing.
Location Any location, including public roads.
TIP Surveying Service

39,95 €/month
TIP Autonomous Service
(multimedia terminal includes)

99,95 €/month
PM Surveying Service

39,95 €/month
TIP Visits Control
Visits Control System to tourist spots
TIP Control Surveying
Surveying Control System of Tourist Interest Points
TO Preparation
We also produce reports, studies and Tourism Observatories

Another of our most popular for the study of tourist behavior in a city or county web services is to register visitors Points or Points of Interest Tourist Information. This service is semi-automatic and is responsible for collecting the information on the number of monthly visits to receive the various Points of Interest to form a study group.
Our tracking tools let you control surveying PIT multiple points with several pollsters surveying by point. You can create and delete points and pollsters surveying, determining which survey conducted each get immediate results point pollster surveying or export the results in CSV format etc.
Our goal is the analysis and diagnosis of provincial or regional tourist market, using it both for data from official statistical sources as sources own statistics, with the ultimate goal of our work providing relevant information for making decisions Travel agents.
TIP Visits Control

39,95 €/month
TIP Control Surveying

This management tool is included free for 2 or more TIP Surveying Services
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