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Measurement system

Surveying Media Services

Flow control

Influx control service through our multimedia kiosks and surveying option. With dispenser of tickets for real-time measurement and online visitors pass. Suitable for any type of event, whether temporary or permanent.

kiosco multimedia

Our multimedia kiosks to suit whatever your needs and allowing customize them with a wide variety of options.

With ticket printer

For the issue of proof of access or participation in events.
  • Issuance of tickets.
  • Expedition shifts.
  • Issuing tickets and tickets for raffles or sweepstakes.

No ticket printer

Best suited for:
  • Corporate Information Points, tourism, etc...
  • Web browsing with / without restrictions.
  • Opinion surveys or quality retail and office information.
  • Suggestions.


We optimize each kiosk model as the working environment to its intended. The choices are:
  • Touch Monitor. Essential if the kiosk is intended to surveys.
  • Single button. For expedition of tickets without escuestación.
  • Keyboard + mouse. For those who are for web browsing.
  • Sound multimeda. For the simultaneous playback of audio and video files.
  • Presence detector. The kiosk next sense the presence of a person and can change the activity or play audio or video files.
  • Second monitor. Shift control if necessary and advertising simultaneously. You can redeem your investment from your kiosk displaying advertisements.

Customizing the appearance of the kiosk.

  • Different colors. Corporate color adapted if necessary.
  • Fontal Panel customizable with logos, colors and shapes.

Always OnLine

The collected data is sent via the Internet to our servers which are only available to the client for display and study as any data is not stored on the kiosk. To do this, the terminals have different Internet devices. Our customers can see the results online and in real time by accessing the private area available on our website. Network connections are available on newsstands:
  • Ethernet point Personal.
  • Wifi connection.
  • 3G connection.

Programming forms for surveying and other applications

In addition to the software itself surveying and analysis via the Internet that we provide our customers with a predesigned form varidedad, the kiosk allows any application for Windows 32-bit environment. If you want our team will design new forms or software to points of information or other custom applications, please contact us.

Rental and sale
of multimedia kiosks
multimedia kiosk

Renting a multimedia kiosk

We offer our multimedia kiosks rental to short-or long-term. Through small monthly payments, you rent a kiosk along with surveying software tailored to your needs, allowing you to avoid the initial outlay for the purchase of the kit, programming and maintenance. We will make a quote tailored to your needs work, time use and appearance if required.

Buying a multimedia kiosk

Multimedia kiosks also sell our own manufacturing. Next to the kiosk, the navigation software include our own design based on Internet Explorer, and a 1-year subscription to our services online data collection. The kiosks can be customized in many ways. We recommend that you consult us your needs and send you a no-obligation quote tailored.

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